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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Brian Soell

Beyond the numbers

“ can’t put a number on what it means to create a personal connection to the consumer.” -  Marc Lore (founder of &


What’s your favorite “WOW” moment you have experienced at SlideBelts where you really impressed a guest?


Of course analytics, stats, figures, etc. are all important data to our company, however the human factor cannot be overlooked. Speaking with a SlideBelts team member, handwritten thank you messages, using positive personal language and a warm tone in communications to guests, actively responding to reviews, all of these are just a few of the personal touches we execute on a daily basis. Thank you for executing on these areas that establish personal connections!    


I realize that guest service can be challenging at times, especially when dealing with a negative or a hostile guest. It's unpleasant to say the least! The next time you encounter a negative situation with a guest, try this small tweak; Stand up with good posture and Smile while speaking.


Be great today and enjoy your Thursday!