Matt Edwards

"Will Power"

All my life I have heard the saying "whether you say you can or you can't,... your right"! I did not really know what this meant until recently. The power in the saying "I will" over saying " I'm going to" or " I'm Gonna" is way stronger than what you think.


Take karate for instance, I am sure you have seen on TV or in a movie a little 120 lb man break bricks with his bare hands or multiple bricks at that!

It is not because that guy or girl has special powers or anything, it is because they are telling themselves over and over in their head that they "WILL" break through those bricks. They physically and mentally picture themselves busting through the bricks all the way to the floor....and then what happens? They do it!


Physically telling yourself " I WILL" other than "I'll try" or "I'm gonna", will help the brain focus more on the job you are trying to get done. Physically walking yourself through the accomplished task, or what it takes to accomplish that task, will better prepare yourself for success.

Try this in your day to day life. Tell yourself " I will stick to my diet " instead of " I am going to try to stay on my diet this month"....etc...

The benefits from this mindset have helped me out tremendously in just the short time I have been using them.

So ask yourself " Today I WILL.....________? " 

I can show you guys a short fun example of how saying " I WILL " works if you ask me during the breaks today!




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