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ENDS SOON! Anyone Can Invest in SlideBelts. View Campaign

Brian Soell


"What's one step you take to compete at a high level?" If you posed this question to elite athletes, most likely a few would respond with this answer. (Most likely, you've done this as well at some point in your life.) 

"I visualize what I will achieve."  They mentally rehearse what course of action they will take and they visual the results they will achieve. They replay this loop in their minds...over and over. This focus helps provide clarity for achieving results.

However, as you know, our lives are often cluttered and filled with distractions. Typically, before one can visualize achieving a goal, an objective, etc., one often needs to clear their mind first. There are a variety of paths to accomplish this. Here's one suggestion:

1. Find some quiet time away from distractions. Sit and close your eyes. 

2. Imagine all of the busyness happening in your life as rain falling on a windshield. 

3. The windshield is your deeper self. 

4. Next, envision a windshield wiper sweeping across, clearing away everything until you feel your mind is calm and clear. This may take a few passes and minutes to accomplish. Stay with it.  

5. Once you've reached a calm and clear state, practice staying there for a short time. Repeat this exercise at least once a day for 5 minutes for 1 week.  

6. After you've built upon clearing away some of the distractions, now progress with visualizing what you will achieve or accomplish. Keep moving forward!

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