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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Brig Taylor

Are you motivated?


When motivation fails me, and I don't immediately understand why I must do something, or don't even feel like doing a required task, there is one fail-safe that works wonders during those rare times: I sit back and put myself into a mindset by asking myself: "Okay, I don't feel motivated and I don't even have the motivation to find a reason to get motivated. Hmm. Okay, well do I need to be motivated every minute of my life? No. Sometimes work is meant to be hard -- I don't always need motivation. I must trust the process -- the rewards and reasons will come later. Trust the process." Most of the time I have solid motivation. But there are times when the mind & body just don't want to cooperate with my daily routine. Sticking to my daily routine is the only solution for those times when motivation is lacking. The greatest artists don't sit and wait for inspiration --- they get to work even when they don't feel like it or aren't motivated. Albert Einstein said it best: "motivation is for fools!"*


*Einstein may or may not have said these exact words.