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Support Breast Cancer Awareness: $10 Donated with Each Pink Belt Sold

 Support Breast Cancer Awareness 
$10 Donated with Each
Pink Belt Sold

Theo Nault

Laser Beam Focus

As my days get more and more hectic the need for focus becomes more and more imperative.  I have been looking up tips to stay diligent and productive, and I thought I'd share some with you.
  • Set your schedule for the next day before you leave the office - Prioritize Organize and keep focus, even if you’re struck with a string of emergencies, you know right where you need to be.
  • Take a 5-10 minute break when you feel mentally fatigued – Let your brain rest, then start again with a fresh set of eyes.
  • Eliminate potential distractions – Do what you can to stay focused and disciplined.
  • Impose deadlines on yourself and stick to them – Budget your time wisely, many people flourish when time is of the essence.
  • Avoid large heavy lunches that will leave you fatigued – Snack on high protein, high fiber, antioxidant rich foods to avoid that end of the day crash.
  • Keep your workspace free of clutter – A cluttered desk is the symptom of a cluttered mind.