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Cassidy Myers

Why We Can't Wait

I just finished reading Martin Luther King Jr's book, Why We Can't Wait. There were so many beautiful, poignant, important and, oftentimes, disheartening passages in the book that I couldn't not share some of what's on my mind after finishing it this past week.  (Pretty much my whole book is highlighted and underlined, that's the sign of a truly great book, right?) 


So much of what MLK wrote is still as true and as real - for better and for worse - in 2016 as it was in the mid-60's when he wrote the book. For this reason, I started a note in my phone with passages that I thought were particularly impactful. Many of them are, obviously, about injustice and equality, but one in particular stood out that I think can be applicable to anyone, in any situation, from any walk of life:


"Such an attitude stems from a tragic misconception of time, from the strangely irrational notion that there is something in the very flow of time that will inevitably cure all ills. Actually, time itself is neutral; it can be used either destructively or constructively...Human progress never rolls in on the wheels of inevitability; it changes through the tireless efforts of men willing to be co-workers with God, and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the forces of stagnation."


Time is something we all have, in an unspecified amount. The only variable is how we use it - constructively or destructively, for good or for bad, appreciated or disparaged.


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