Andrew Pierce

We have a choice.

As you all know, for the last few days (it felt like an eternity) I was at Rapport Leadership 'bootcamp'... It's hard to pick any one takeaway and write about it so I'm sure for my next few loops and many after you will find me talking about what I've learned from the two and half days at Rapport.

The entire time I was there (along with my amazing team) I was expected to give my all; the highest amount of energy, enthusiasm, support, love, and focus. After the first night and entire second day I was emotionally and mentally drained of energy, yet in order to pass the final exam on the third and final day I had to make the choice to give even more energy, support, and enthusiasm towards my team and myself.. Let alone just to pass the first half of the exam..

What I learned, and what we were continuously made aware of is that we have a choice. We have a choice to show up to work on time, we have a choice to be enthusiastic about the work we get to do, we have a choice to be intentional with our co-workers - family members - and friends, whether its our best day or our worst day we have a choice to greet our friends and family with the same passion and enthusiasm from the day before. We have a choice to give more, and to appreciate more.
We have a choice to get uncomfortable, to break away from our comfort zones and live life how life was meant to be lived. ...and when we choose not to do so, we cheat ourselves and everyone around us of that.

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