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Andrew Pierce

seesaws aren't just for kids...

A little snippet from The Happiness Advantage to remind us of how powerful our brains are.

"While we cant change reality through shear force of will alone, we can use our brains to change how we process the world and that in turn changes how we react to it."

Shawn Achor goes on to explain how our brains function similar to that of a seesaw... he explains how a seesaw uses a fulcrum and lever method to distribute weight evenly to balance one side with the other. But what if we moved the fulcrum from the center? By shifting this point around which energy is applied, we can effectively turn the seesaw from a balancing scale into a powerful lever.

"Move the fulcrum so that all the advantage goes to a negative mindset, and we never rise off the ground. Move the fulcrum to a positive mindset, and the lever's power is magnified - ready to move everything up."

As humans, its in our nature to simply accept reality as it is.. but instead, we have the power/choice to move the fulcrum towards a positive mindset, and in turn it will produce positive results. Let's have an awesome week! Happy Monday!

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