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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Cassidy Myers


Seth Godin is a brilliant author, thinker, blogger, etc etc etc. I was watching an interview of his this morning where Seth talked extensively about this idea of "genius". Genius seems so unattainable, right? Like it's only reserved for the Albert Einsteins, the Steve Jobs and the Bill Gates of the world.


Seth had a really incredible explanation for genius. He said, "genius is a term for the voice in our heads telling us that we can do something for the first time - something creative or original." Seth goes on to explain that you aren't a genius, you have a genius. Everyone does. 


The challenge with letting the genius out, though, and the reason why not everyone is a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, is the paralyzing fear of failure. The secret is in learning to dance with that fear and use it as a compass to guide you. As the famous saying goes, "if it doesn't scare you, it's probably not worth pursuing."


Genius has never made a promise of success, but we have an obligation to ourselves, our soul and all of humanity to pursue our genius regardless.