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Support Breast Cancer Awareness: $10 Donated with Each Pink Belt Sold

 Support Breast Cancer Awareness 
$10 Donated with Each
Pink Belt Sold

Theo Nault

Your ego is not your amigo.

“You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you don’t mind who gets the credit.” -Harry S. Truman

 I picked up Good to Great earlier this week and this is something that really spoke to me. We are parts of a whole. Non-competing parts who all want the same thing, the same goal. Players on the same team all wanting to win, but there is a large difference between wanting to yourself win, and wanting your team to win. Success doesn't mean riches and glory, it means simply succeeding. Let parts of yourself go and know that your role is a large part of something bigger than yourself.  When you're too wrapped up in your own ego it is too hard to pass on greatness to others.