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Navi Singh

10-Minute Hack

Good Morning Crusaders Happy Tuesday, April 26th! 


I am sure we can all agree the hardest part of doing things is just starting. David Kadavy, the author of Design for Hackers, has a 10-minute hack that you can try. We all have the same amount of time, but if we can get ourselves into the right mind state, we can have far more output.


The 10-minute hack


Starting work is painful. That never goes away, but you can get better at facing it, just like you can get better at playing the piano or julienning carrots. You can trick your dumb brain into getting started if you commit to 10 minutes. Set a timer, and promise yourself to only work on this one thing for 10 minutes--no Facebook, Twitter, or even snacking.


You won't let yourself fail because it's such a small commitment, but you'll simultaneously 1) strengthen your urge suppression by staying on-task, and 2) get into the project you're working on. By the end of 10 minutes, you'll want to keep going.


It doesn't have to be 10 minutes--it just has to be a ridiculously easy goal. Using this trick, I've worked up to where I set a routine to spend the first hour of each day working on my most important project (this sometimes bleeds into the entire morning).


With those principles in mind, and by planning, building a weekly routine, and building your strength for starting, you can achieve a perpetual state of productivity where none of your energy goes to waste.


Make today count. Get ‘er Done!                          





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