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Navi Singh

Life lessons from a 17-year-old

Good Morning Crusaders!

There are so many life lessons while growing up. As we grow older, we learn to appreciate and apply them to our daily lives. Do you have a set that you follow? I wanted to share a recent article on Temper Thompson. A 17-year-old who started his Kindle publishing service and was featured in an INC. Temper being a teenager broke his success into five lessons that are a good life lesson for everyone.

1. Take Action
The first lesson is that you have to actually do something. "A lot of people talk about what they want to do but they never actually do it," Temper says. "If you don't take action, you're never going to have success."

2. Don't Fear Failure
The second lesson is to persevere. Mistakes always happen. Temper went through plenty of trial and error as he was growing his business, but it's what happens next that matters. Too many people try, fail, and give up, he says. "No wonder they never achieve success. Failure is an advantage. You learn from your mistakes and you get better."

3. Stay Focused
You also have to hone in on a topic and stick with it. "The most powerful thing you can do is just focus on one thing," he says. "You can grow much bigger when you stay focused."

4. Surround Yourself With Positive People
You have to have the right network--a support network that's inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting."If you surround yourself with negative, unsuccessful people, they'll drag you down with them," says Temper. "Positive people will support you and help you stay focused."

5. Don't Get Comfortable
Keep moving forward."A lot people will hit their goal and say they're happy," he says. "If you don't get comfortable, you can keep increasing goals and keep growing."


Make today count! 



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