Cassidy Myers


2.9013 might be a number that you remember from The Happiness Advantage, but if you don't immediately recall what this number means let me break it down for you quickly.


Psychologist Marcial Losada has put a decade of research into this number and how it effects a relationship, a business environment, a customer service team, a family. That decade-worth of research has proven just how important this number is, because it represents the number of positive interactions necessary to cancel out the effects of one single negative interaction.


That means that for every negative interaction we have throughout the day, or that a guest has with us, it will take, on average, three positive interactions to negate the effects of that one bad interaction. This number, known as the Losada Line, is the tipping point - the representation of the minimum amount of work needed to turn a negative into a positive. The ideal ratio for ultimate customer service, for optimal team performance at work, for an awesome home and family atmosphere, is about 6 to 1.


When you look at it that way, it seems very doable, right? Jumping at every chance to offer positive reinforcement, taking every opportunity to compliment a coworker or spouse on even the smallest of tasks and going above and beyond with every guest (whether they're happy or upset) means the difference between allowing negative interactions to linger or wiping them out entirely.


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