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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Andrew Pierce

Adversarial Growth

Happy Monday!


"People's ability to find the 'path up' rests largely on how they conceive of the cards they have been dealt, so the strategies that most often lead to Adversarial Growth include positive reinterpretation of the situation or event, optimism, acceptance, and coping mechanisms that include focusing on the problem head-on." - The Happiness Advantage


Shawn Achor writes in The Happiness Advantage that people can reach Adversarial Growth not just by "bouncing back" but of "bouncing forward". As I read that I thought of everyone packing orders... I know I'm not directly involved in that process right now, but as a team I am with you when I hear the excitement come from across the office! We still have a lot of orders coming in but we are getting closer every day. Lets continue to face these head-on and not just bounce back to where we were, but bounce forward in continued growth, guest service excellence, and order fulfillment. Where it all starts. Have a great week!