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Cassidy Myers

There's Always More

There were many things I took from my Rapport Leadership Bootcamp experience last week, and many of those nuggets of wisdom will surely find their way into future Loops. However, the one that has stood out most is something that wasn't even the focus of one of our modules. It is, simply, that we ALWAYS have more to give.


I don't yet have kids of my own (unless two Golden Retrievers count) and my boyfriend is not yet my husband, so I don't know what it's like to get home from a day of work and have a second job to do as a mom/wife. I do, however, know that my boyfriend and my dogs are waiting for me every night when I get home from work and they deserve the same joy and energy and enthusiasm from me that I give when I'm here at work.


Throughout the time at Rapport there was a lot required of us that necessitated a very high amount of energy, cheering and yelling - and on very little sleep, no less. By the time we got to part two of our "final exam" on the last day, the energy needed in order to pass the test was at a maximum... and that was after giving a maximum amount of energy to pass part one of the final exam.


After completely draining ourselves for the better part of two and a half days, we sat in a group for the last time, certificates of completion in hand, and were reminded by our Training Leaders that choosing to not give more is a choice. Don't give into the tiredness that tells you it's okay to give 50% that day, don't give into the day's frustration that tells you it's okay to check out when you get home from work and don't let yourself settle for just getting by. There is always more energy, more enthusiasm, more kindness, more grace, more love, more generosity - and choosing not to give everything not only cheats those around you, but it cheats yourself out of the full human experience, too.


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