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 Support Breast Cancer Awareness 
$10 Donated with Each
Pink Belt Sold

Cassidy Myers

There Is No Finish Line

Aside from the swoosh (and incredible shoes), Nike is famous in the marketing and advertising world for some amazing marketing campaigns over the years. 'Just Do It', 'Bo Knows', "I wanna be like Mike", Mars Blackmon's "it's gotta be the shoes!", and the list goes on and on. One brilliant lesser known campaign gave us the underrated "There is no finish line" slogan.
Having worked at Nike WHQ for two years, I can't tell you how many times I've heard this phrase - whether it was noted at the bottom of someone's email signature, painted on the wall in my building or repeated in every team meeting - it's everywhere, and for good reason.
The idea is simple - sports, like life, holds a perpetual array of challenges. Through the peaks and valleys, victories and defeats, the one constant is the never-ending opportunity to compete against yourself and defeat the limitations of your own mind. In fact, the ad ends with a simple, but profound, statement - "Beating the competition is relatively easy; but beating yourself is a never-ending commitment."
The quality that all of the greatest athletes (MJ, Tom Brady, Tiger) have in common is in their lifelong competitions with themselves - in this way, there is no finish line, ever. As we near the end of quarter 1 and approach quarter 2 (crazy, right?!), it is unquestionable that we've already had the most successful period in SlideBelts history. Now that we've shown we have the product and the team to beat any of our competitors, it's time to look internally to further break through and hit that next level. Our team is driven, our possibilities are endless and the time to push ourselves is now, because there is no finish line.