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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Navi Singh

Don’t Stress!

Happy Tuesday Crusaders!


Do you remember what the Zorro Circle is from the Happiness Advantage? Have you tried putting it to use?


One of our biggest drivers of success is the belief that our behavior matters; that we have control over our future. Yet, when our stresses and workloads seem to mount faster than our ability to keep up, feelings of control are often the first things to go, especially when we try to tackle too much at once.


The brain can perceive large goals as overwhelming, limiting forward progress. 
Our brain needs to record a “win” in order to maintain the belief that behavior matters. 
By breaking a large project into manageable steps, the brain utilizes an immediate feedback loop to record a “win."


To bridge the gap between your starting point (Where you are now) and your desired end point (where you want to be). Break it down into smaller steps/circles. Once you have achieved this, expand the steps/circle you'll slowly realize the impossible becomes possible. Make today count. What are you putting your energy into accomplishing?