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For some, being open-minded is as easy as breathing. For most others, it’s a challenge- something they have to think about constantly and make a continual effort to keep and obtain. My favorite people to talk to are those who can make you see the world differently.

It is easy to expand on an idea that is familiar to you, it’s tougher to chase with the same zeal an idea that can seem opposed from your views. Poke holes in the things you believe in and entertain the things you don’t. This will help you have a better understanding of why other people think the things they do. Chances are it won’t change your mind but what it will do is give you the option to.  I’m not telling you how to think, I’m asking you if you want to.


Jessica Hische

Here's an inspiring artist for you all on this fine Thursday! 🎨

Jessica Hische is a hand lettering artist/typographer/graphic designer who has done work for clients such as Wes Anderson, Dave Eggers, Penguin Books, The New York Times, Tiffany & Co., OXFAM America, McSweeney’s, American Express, Target, Victoria’s Secret, Chronicle Books, Nike, MailChimp, and Samsung, among others. She's made the Forbes 30 under 30 list (twice), and has been named Print New Visual Artist, ADC Young Gun, and GDUSA Person to Watch. Needless to say, she knows what she's doing and she's got it goin' on.

One of the cool things about Jessica (aside from how talented she is) is her work ethic. The body of work that she's created in her career is immense. She's incredibly hard-working and is always creating. When she left her job to start her own business, she illustrated a "Drop Cap a Day" (a drop cap is a decorative element typically used in documents at the start of a section or chapter. It's a large capital letter at the beginning or a paragraph or text block that has the depth of two or more lines of normal text.) But she didn't just go through the alphabet once or twice, like most people would. She went through it 12 times! She's incredibly inventive and dedicated and is continually creating awesome work. Aside from that, she's refreshingly honest and transparent and just an all-around cool human being and I'm always inspired by her.

If you're interested in her work, you can check some of it out here.



Embracing Constraints

I stumbled across a concept recently in the book “Rework” from SBU that really changed the way I look at things. Isn’t it funny how the simplest concepts are the ones that really knock you off your feet?

Instead of paraphrasing, I’ll just quote it, since it’s short and sweet:

“I don’t have enough time/money/people/experience.” Stop whining. Less is a good thing. Constraints are advantages in disguise. Limited resources force you to make do with what you’ve got. There’s no room for waste. And that forces you to be creative.

Ever seen the weapons prisoners make out of soap or a spoon? They make do with what they’ve got. Now we’re not saying you should go out and shank somebody - but get creative and you’ll be amazed at what you can make with just a little.

When is the last time you viewed your constraint as an advantage? Make it today.

(Oh - and go pick up a book from SBU) 


Don't Feed the Trolls

I start off my mornings with an enjoyable cup of coffee, a nice breakfast with the kiddos, and a leisurely drive to work listing to NPR. After greeting all my lovely coworkers (thanks for being awesome), I open an app that places all of our social media into one place 😁

I jump in, the morning begins optimistically, then I get the 20th comment asking "can I take the SurvivalBelt on an airplane?" and something changes. I begin to read every comment as if they are Trolling and start to "clap back." 

Right before I hit send on the well thought out "clap back" of a comment, I pause. Breathe, Nery, Breathe...remember what Rick and Cassidy taught you...

I laugh to myself...delete the comment and write something a little nicer. The moral of the story is: don't let the trolls make you into a troll, hold on to your humanity!



There's No Place Like Home

Quick etymology lesson for you on this lovely Monday morning:



This English word comes from the German Heimweh (home + woe/pain) and was first introduced to other languages by Swiss soldiers as they expressed their longing for their gorgeous Swiss mountains.


I'm often asked if I am homesick. And my answer is always "no". Of course I miss people, and places, and driving a car, and IPAs, and large open spaces. But for me, "home" is where I feel comfortable, where I can relax, and where I can recharge.


Last week I took myself on a week-long, 3-city tour. It was amazing, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna to anyone visiting Europe. But it was exhausting.


So on my trip I made sure to find small "homes". I got up at 5am in Budapest to trek to the top of the citadel and catch the sunrise. One night in Bratislava I skipped out on the hostel pub crawl, and instead watched a movie and drank copious amounts of tea with some new Canadian friends. And in Vienna I ran to the hills, literally. Well, if you replace ran with walked, then literally. Just escaping the city and the normal tourist agenda, and discovering rolling vineyards and hiking trails, was enough to recharge and feel at "home" again. 


When it gets hectic this week, make sure that you take the time to relax and recharge. Whatever your "home" is, embrace it when you need that pick-me-up.



And here's a photo of Budapest at sunrise:Sunrise in Budapest




Ya'll are CRAZY Good!!!

Ha ha ha... 
So many crazies under one roof could be dangerous, but we make it work to our benefit!
Stay crazy, my friends! 


If you know me pretty well you probably know that I am pretty much always down for In N Out. I actually went yesterday, but I would 100% eat it again today. I'm a loyal fan. Here's a brief timeline of In N Out's inception and major milestones through the years:

1948 - Store #1 opens
1954 - Updated logo (to the arrow we know and love)
1961 - "Animal style" burgers prepared
1972 - First crossed palm trees
1974 - Red aprons introduced
1975 - Milkshakes added to the menu
1979 - First restaurant with a dining room
1988 - 50th restaurant opens
1994 - 100th restaurant opens
2005 - 200th restaurant opens
2015 - 300th restaurant opens

Something I like about In N Out (apart from the burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc.) is the fact that they continue to focus on quality and on treating their customers well. They don't abandon the things that kept people coming back for more!

These are things that we too do well here at SlideBelts! Focusing on quality and an enjoyable experience for our guests are part of what spurs someone to return to buy belts as gifts, or to spread the word to their families, friends, or social media channels.

So keep up the good work, crusaders! And eat some In N Out, it's good for the soul. 


Humorous Day

Did you know that April 19th is officially observed as “Humorous Day?”


About the Holiday:


Humorous Day is a day to find the humor in any situation that happens to be thrown our way. A day to remind us to see the bright side and to realize that most things are really not as important as they at first may seem.

We are uncertain about the origin of this holiday. Some have credited to Larry Wilde, Director of The Carmel Institute of Humor, as he had proclaimed April to be Humor Month back in 1976.”


And aside from that, anyone who has read the Happiness Advantage knows all too well how bringing happiness or humor into the workplace can positively effect your work flow.

In honor of this day,  share your favorite joke or funny story with whoever wants to hear it, and see the positive effects first hand.




A Very Special Bank Account

Imagine your bank account gets credited $86,400 each morning. No balance can be carried over to the next day and you are not allowed to keep any cash balance. Essentially, your bank account reads zero at the end of the day. What would you do? Draw out every dollar each day!


We all have such an account called TIME.  Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds and writes off as a loss whatever time you have used unwisely.  No overdraft is allowed, so you can’t borrow against yourself or use more time than what you have. Hence, each day the account starts fresh and each night it destroys unused time. Failing to use the day’s deposits is your loss and you can’t appeal to get it back.


There is no borrowing time and you cannot take a loan on another's time. It all comes down to "The time you have is the time you have and that is that."


Time management is deciding how you spend the time, same as with money where you decide how you spend the money. There is never the case of us not having enough time to do things, but the case of what we do with time.







Sneakerology: The Jordan 1

The Jordan 1, as you might assume, is Michael Jordan's first ever signature shoe. The shoe was first released in 1985 and was both the catalyst for the greatest legacy in the history of footwear and is credited with changing the sneaker industry forever.


At the time of its release, the shoe landscape consisted of unimaginative white shoes with the occasional black accent. When Mike started wearing his black and red (known as the "bred colorway" in sneaker terms) Jordan 1's, the NBA was so furious about the rookie's brash shoe choice that they began fining him $5,000 for every game he wore the shoes on the court.


Nike saw the opportunity as a better advertisement than one they could've ever come up with on their own. They started paying Michael's fines and created a brilliant ad (see it here) based on what's known now as the "banned" Jordan 1's. While the shoes started selling well among basketball players and NBA fans, the shoes really didn't become mainstream until years later.


When the shoe was re-released (or "retroed" in sneaker terminology) in 1994, there was little excitement. After all, MJ was already on his 9th signature shoe and technology had developed exponentially over that period. The sneakers sat on shelves and eventually hit the sale rack - many pairs reportedly going for as low as $19...


...Until the skateboarders and streetwear culture makers discovered a cheap shoe that was durable enough to withstand a beating on the skateboard or the streets and still look good. Once it was adopted by the streets, the shoe blew up in popularity and went mainstream. Those $19 shoes now go for thousands of dollars on eBay and Jordan brand continues to make a killing on re-releases of the shoes. The "Royal" colorway just retroed last Saturday and sold out everywhere within minutes.


Nery - April 2017

Energetic and Friendly Mood
Congrats Nery! This is for all the above & beyond sacrifices you've made for SlideBelts.

  • 1. That one movie that you can literally watch over and over and over and over again and you still love it:
    Fight Club
  • 2. What is something on your bucket list?
    Sail to Patagonia
  • 3. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
    A T-rex
  • 4. Quirkiest nickname you have, and who uses it:
    Neddy Bear (elementary school classmates)
  • 5. What is the best advice anyone has ever given you?