C.I.C. Report 6/16/16 | Ratchet Belt without Holes Adjustable Belt Survival Belt | SlideBelts

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Theo Nault

C.I.C. Report 6/16/16

Marketing- Kickstarter update is drafted and almost ready to go. The product page description for the survival is in the works too.  Added Snapchat to the social media guidelines.  Outside Magazine survey is due soon, get on it stragglers!  Analyzing social media ad campaign.  

HR- Churning out reviews and loads of interviews.

Sales- Liscensing conference next week, get ready to go back to school Marc.  Prepping for tradeshows and our trip to Facebook.  A few large wholesale orders are going out this week.

Operations- New order fulfillment method is very effective, thanks Matt!  Base backers have been tracked down and contacted, thanks Kelly!  We're getting back on Amazon reviews, so look out for us.  New shipment of boxes and leather are on their way.