C.I.C Report 9/8/16 | Ratchet Belt without Holes Adjustable Belt Survival Belt | SlideBelts

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Theo Nault

C.I.C Report 9/8/16

Operations- Domestic Survival and Hunter backers have been printed to ship.  Rylee has started on our remote team!

HR- Recruiting for our potential new kiosk in Roseville.  Starting to plan all the upcoming holiday festivities. 

Creative- Alex is working on the Survival belt "how to" video.  The creative team toured Sierra Printing on a creative field trip. Compiling and organizing all the survival photos we've taken over the years.

Marketing- 2 press releases in the last week for the Survival Belt.  Over 18,000 people saw our Snapchat filters!  Survival series coming to social media soon.

Wholesale- 3 large wholesale orders going out next week.  We were invited back to Facebook for a holiday shop!  PGA ambassador belts have been sent out.