Theo Nault

C.I.C. Report 8/25/16

Sales- Decompressing from all the tradeshows, learned a lot and made a lot of connections.  Getting prepped for the next PGA ambassador program.  We have 6 custom buckle orders ready to go.

HR- Keyholder survey questions are almost complete!  If you haven't finished, GET ON IT!  Looking for some more web developer applicants, and PGSS.  Congrats Gabby on the new Admin Assistant position!

Marketing-Posting contrast stitching very soon, keep an eye out!  May be working with former Kings player Kenny Thomas for his new restaurant. *Crosses fingers*  Building a list of influencers to give out survival belts out to.  Searching for that perfect social media influencers.

Operations- Ready to churn & burn on all things survival belts!  We are stocked up on supplies and now we just need more product.  6 month reviews for PGSS have been delivered and it all went smoothly.

Financial- Cameron will be getting to know all the jobs in the SlideBelts office, so expect him to be your new shadow.  Raking in that free tax money from CA Competes.  Out insurance is complete.

Creative- Contrast stitching is up on the landing page of our site.  Up next more and more survival content for the survival belt release.

  • Brig Founder & CEO
  • Michelle Creative Director
  • Navi Chief Financial Officer
  • Rick Chief Operations Officer
  • Matt Logistics Manager
  • Mark Photo and Video Editor
  • Rylee Product and Guest
    Service Specialist
  • Brian PPC & SEO Manager
  • Kelly Product and Guest
    Service Specialist
  • Hauson Product Manager
  • Jeff Assistant Sales Manager
  • Marc Sales Manager
  • Cassidy Marketing Communications
  • Andrew Graphic Designer
  • Kevin Product and Guest
    Service Specialist
  • Theo Operations Manager