C.I.C. Report 10/28/16 | Ratchet Belt without Holes Adjustable Belt Survival Belt | SlideBelts

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Theo Nault

C.I.C. Report 10/28/16

Wholesale: Getting more PGA ambassador belts ready to ship for more ambassador trips.  Large order for EZ-Go employees.  Moving on from Sales Force.

Operations- FBA back in full effect.  Zendesk is back to double digits worth of tickets.  Remember get your Movember profiles set up.  LiveChat is installed, will roll out next week.

Finance- Signed contracts with California Competes, almost done!  Finishing up the final clean up of Xero.

Marketing- Snapchat Filter for the Kings opening night.  Working to get into different holiday gift guides.

HR- Getting ready for end of year reviews.  Preparing for open enrollment in November.  Still churning through interviews.

Creative- Focused on getting the kiosk ready to go.  Organizing dropbox even more.  Working on Vanguard product shots to get our newest dropship location ready.  Creating fresh images for the website.