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Cassidy Myers

Survival Tip #1: How to start a fire with a ferro rod

Starting a fire is essential to survival, for many reasons. A fire means being able to boil and purify water, cook food, stay warm and, most importantly, signal for help.
The magic of a ferrocerium fire rod, or ferro rod, is in the shower of hot sparks it produces when scraped against a sharp edge - like the back of a knife. The sparks reach a temperature in excess of 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Perhaps best of all, a ferro rod can be used to start a fire even if it's wet.
If you have a Survival Belt, you're already set. Just slide your belt off, pull out the ferro rod, snap the knife into place and strike downwards at a 90 degree angle towards your pile of kindling. If you don't have a Survival Belt, it's best to invest in a ferro rod to ensure that you're able to get a fire going in any situation.
The most important aspect to achieve a blazing fire in the great outdoors is proper kindling. You'll need tinder that is especially dry - something like dryer lint, wood shavings, dried grass, twine that has been pulled apart, or cotton balls make for excellent kindling.
Once your tinder catches a spark, you can slowly start to build up your fire. The teepee method is an especially good technique for beginners - just find a dry spot, pile up your tinder, set up your sticks and begin striking your ferro rod until the kindling catches the sparks.
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Now that you have the most important survival tip down, get outside and explore! Put that Survival Belt to good use and always remember to carry less and adventure more.
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