SlideBelts X Benjamins Shoes: The Perfect Pair

SlideBelts X Benjamins Shoes: The Perfect Pair

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Michelle Whitehead

Wait, What Color Is This?

Hi everyone, happy Friday! Today I want to make you all giggle a little, and remind you to embrace everything that is you.


I always knew that my dad was color blind; he could see colors, he just had trouble with specific shades. For instance, he could see the color blue and know that it was blue but if we put the color purple in front of him, it was foreign to him… He would tell us that the color was blue or pink but he would never say “purple”.


When I was in junior high, maybe 13 years old, I got yelled at by my teacher for not following directions during an assignment. We were learning about the human heart and were told to color specific features blue and red. I was so confused, I followed directions and listened, my colored heart looked the same as everyone else’s, why was I being yelled at in front of everyone?! It turned out my heart was purple and red…. This is how I found out that I’m color blind! The diagnosis came completely out of the purple. LOL!


This really upset me initially, I felt dumb… I thought “wow, I’m like a child, I don’t know my colors”. I literally practiced my purple shades but obviously to no avail. However, I found out as many as 8 percent of men and 0.5 percent of women with Northern European ancestry have the common form of red-green color deficiency, so I’m not as alone as I initially thought!


Today I still think being color blind is a pain in the butt but it’s what makes me unique! We all have our things and we should learn to accept them, since they’re what make us, well, us! 


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