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NEW SURVIVAL BELT 2.0: Better materials + added security. Pre-order & get a free strap! Details.

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Trevor Cummings

Uh, Actually

Hey Team,

You know what really grinds my gears? When people share things on the internet that aren't true! I try really hard not to be that guy spamming Snopes links all over peoples social media feeds but sometimes it just can't be helped. That said, I decided to look up some popular myths and some even surprised me! Granted, I used Wikipedia as a resource so please feel free to fact check. Trust me, Karma says I deserve it!

* Dairy products do not make bones stronger. Studies show they actually contribute to Osteoporosis. 

* Throwing your head back will not stop a nosebleed. In fact, you could end up choking on your own blood.

* Shaving does not makes your hair thicker. Hair grows from the roots, right? So why would cutting the tips off do anything?

* A human will not "explode" in outer space. Take a deep breath and you could survive for a short time! (Just ask Princess Leia).

* If you touch a toad, a wart will not appear. Warts are caused by a human virus.

* Black holes are apparently more like "fuzzy balls" then they are funnels.

* Vikings did not, to our knowledge, wear horned helmets. Blame 19th century artists on that one. 

* The sun is not orange. That's right. The sun is white! Apparently we perceive it as orange/ yellow due to atmospheric scattering. 

* The standard Earthworm does not become two worms when cut in half. One half can still feed and survive though so don't worry, your childhood isn't completely ruined. 

* Goldfish do not have a memory span of a few seconds. They actually have a memory span of many months!

 And sadly ... the most life shattering illusion of them all ... Twinkies only have a shelf life of 45 days. I think deep down we all knew the truth. Something that good can't last forever ...


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