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Jeff Schmidt

This Day In History

October is an interesting time as a sports fan. It's the only time that the NFL, NHL, MLB, and NBA are all in season. The NBA begins on October 25 of this year and it will definitely be an exciting time in the local Sacramento area. We have a new arena and there is a buzz in the air downtown. 


The NBA's roots are from two different professional leagues originally, one of them being the ABA. On October 13th, 1967, the American Basketball Association had it's first game when the Oakland Oaks beat the Anaheim Amigos 134-129. 


You may have seen the red, white and blue ball, the short shorts, and the big hair. Did you know, though, that they invented the three point shot? A facet of basketball that still lives strong in the Oakland area, in fact. 


There are four teams in the current NBA that have survived the merge and are still around. Kudos card if you can name them to me.


Just a little fun history for your Thursday. Slide On!!!