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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Trevor Nielsen

The Common Denominator

"Focus on the similarities rather than the differences." - many people probably



Happy hump day, everyone! So today I would like us to focus on the things that make us not so different. I think it's pajama day for a reason. We need to put on our PJs, sit back, and enjoy some sugary food just like we did on Saturday mornings while watching cartoons.


Yes, we all know that Election Day was yesterday and things are going to change for this country. But let's not focus on who we each wanted to vote for or didn't want to vote for. Now is the time to stick together and keep on the path of determination and execution. We each bring something unique to the table, to help us all as a team. Sure, some of us may have wanted different outcomes from one another in the election, but we all have one common goal to help this company grow and stay awesome. Let's focus on the positives and keep taking care of business!