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Support Breast Cancer Awareness: $10 Donated with Each Pink Belt Sold

 Support Breast Cancer Awareness 
$10 Donated with Each
Pink Belt Sold

Marc Pearl


"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

                                      -Milton Berle


Last week we attended the Outdoor Retailer Show and while I was amazed at all of the products that were there to view, I was equally amazed at how many seemed to be reiterations of the same thing over and over again. Around every corner there seemed to be another SUP or kayak or hammock.


I love that although we have a phenomenal core product with our patented, high quality ratcheting belt, it wasn't enough for us. We built a new door and blew right through it by driving the concept into an area that nobody had even thought of yet with our Survival Belt. Having people constantly come into the booth, check out the belt and tell us it was the coolest thing they've seen so far was a source of great pride.


Hold on tight because unless I miss my guess, we're going to be building a lot of new doors in the future as we continue to innovate and grow - and we all get a front row seat to the show!