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Bryan Galyardt

National Puzzle Day

After much debate, I decided to write about one of my favorite hobbies. Today just so happens to be National Puzzle Day, so it's the perfect day to talk about the fun, yet sometimes difficult game. I have come to find these brain teasers very fun and relaxing. It has been said that Jigsaw Puzzles could potentially have a lot of great benefits such as improving memory, helping with spatial reasoning, and even lifting your mood, to name a few. I, of course, did not mention the fact that doing puzzles can help how we take on bigger challenges in life and can train ourselves to always find a solution. Shannon (my wife) and I have a few cool puzzles, and one that we are thinking about putting on a board so we could frame it. Most recently I have received a 3-D puzzle of San Francisco from its streets to its buildings, and am very excited to start it. The next Jigsaw Puzzle I want is actually listed below at #2. I have listed some fun puzzle facts to get everyone in the puzzle mood today!




1) The first Jigsaw Puzzle was created in 1767 by a dude named James Spilsbury

2) The biggest commercial Jigsaw Puzzle ever released is called "Double Retrospective" and it is a 32,256 piece puzzle. It is a collection of pop art from artist Keith Haring

3) The term "Jigsaw" comes from the puzzle being originally cut from wood by a jigsaw tool

4)Most Piece counts listed are not accurate. Piece counts are usually rounded down to the nearest even number. For example most 1,000 piece puzzles have about 1,026.

5) The largest puzzle ever assembled had 551,232 pieces and were put together by college students. (How did I miss that class?!)



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