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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Cassidy Myers

Investing In Tomorrow

Today's wisdom comes from Seth Godin once again. 


Everything you work on today is an investment for tomorrow, whether that's personally or professionally. All we have is "now" - this second in this very moment, with "later" always lurking just around the corner. Using the "now" to improve and be a better version of yourself for the "later" is imperative. 


The ultimate reward is the result at the end of the "later", and whether we choose to enjoy the process of self-improvement through the ups and downs is another matter entirely (but, I mean, why not enjoy it? Sure, it'll be difficult and challenging along the way, but they say the journey is the reward, right?).


So plant the seeds now. Start creating better habits now. Start treating loved ones better now. Start improving your health now. Start saving the money now. Start challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone now. Start building your best work habits now. Start acting on those dreams NOW. Your "later" self will thank you for it.