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Black Canvas is back! shop our most popular canvas belt

Olivia Wilson


If you know me pretty well you probably know that I am pretty much always down for In N Out. I actually went yesterday, but I would 100% eat it again today. I'm a loyal fan. Here's a brief timeline of In N Out's inception and major milestones through the years:

1948 - Store #1 opens
1954 - Updated logo (to the arrow we know and love)
1961 - "Animal style" burgers prepared
1972 - First crossed palm trees
1974 - Red aprons introduced
1975 - Milkshakes added to the menu
1979 - First restaurant with a dining room
1988 - 50th restaurant opens
1994 - 100th restaurant opens
2005 - 200th restaurant opens
2015 - 300th restaurant opens

Something I like about In N Out (apart from the burgers, fries, milkshakes, etc.) is the fact that they continue to focus on quality and on treating their customers well. They don't abandon the things that kept people coming back for more!

These are things that we too do well here at SlideBelts! Focusing on quality and an enjoyable experience for our guests are part of what spurs someone to return to buy belts as gifts, or to spread the word to their families, friends, or social media channels.

So keep up the good work, crusaders! And eat some In N Out, it's good for the soul. 

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