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ENDS SOON! Anyone Can Invest in SlideBelts. View Campaign

Marc Pearl

Future Ambassadors

This past week I had the good fortune to attend an event for the PGA Ambassador program. It was a great reminder of just how great our product is. We supply belts to these PGA Professionals for these trips, but this is the first time I've been able to be there while they used them. Without exception, the players absolutely loved the belts and couldn't stop raving about them. They loved the comfort, the way they looked and for an athlete, the way it tightens up to exactly where they wanted it to.


As we enter this busy season it will be easy to get caught up in the frenzy of the moment, but we can't ever forget just how cool and really revolutionary our product is to so many people and that each belt that goes out the door is going to a future ambassador for us.  


Recent feedback from a trip:


Dear Marc,
I can’t thank you enough for sending me your SlideBelts!! I think these belts are awesome!! I love the women’s belt and my husband is excited about the men’s belt. The leather is quality leather and I love how easy they are to get off and on.

Thank you for supporting the PGA Ambassador program, our trip was really nice!  It was my first time to Scotland and I am already planning a trip back!!

Thank you so much,
Susie Meyers PGA

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