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Free Exchanges on All U.S. Orders

Jeff Schmidt

Following Through

Good Morning, Team!


Let's start this day with a talk about follow-through - "the continuing of an action or task to its conclusion".


Personally speaking, I can think of times in my life where I've been incredibly motivated to do things in the short term and as the initial excitement or emotion wears off, so did I. That's not how success is achieved. On the opposite end, the things I'm really proud of, took perseverance and dedication.


Every Steph Curry shot from the deep end, every innovative product launch, every take-off and landing, every life decision, leap of faith, and successful action or campaign has this particular thing in common: follow-through.


Seeing an opportunity, deciding to do something to capture that opportunity, strategizing how to do it, assembling the resources to do it, and staying focused the entire way through, down to the last detail is all encompassed by...following through.


So do what it takes to capture your personal opportunity today for yourself, and in the greater picture, for the team. See it to the conclusion, walk the walk because...