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Olivia Wilson

Creative Mornings

Last Friday, Andrew and I got the chance to attend Creative Mornings - a monthly speaker series hosted by chapters in assorted cities nationwide. It's geared towards creatives and focuses on broad topics that are broken down by a speaker, as chosen by the chapter. Part of the concept behind Creative Mornings is to be able to leave with valuable tidbits of new information and ideas that participants can bring back to the office to share with others! I'll do my best to give a recap of what we learned while we were there:
The topic this month was "Mystery," and the speaker was a local journalist/designer named Melody Stone who shared how she lets her curiosity influence her work. She's written a series on "Roadside Distractions," where she investigates local mysteries that everyone seems to wonder about.
For example, she investigated why there's an Ocean City, MD - 3037 miles roadside sign in West Sacramento. (The reason: Hwy 50 begins in West Sac and ends in Ocean City, Maryland). One takeaway that I had from her talk is how she is able to create interesting and relevant stories out of seemingly nothing. A lot of times I think that creatives and non-creatives alike can suffer from a lack of inspiration that stems from the belief that they need a change of pace/scenery/etc. to be inspired.
And while that's all well and good and true sometimes, it's also true that there are mysteries all around us for us to be inspired by...all we need to do is take a closer look  You can start off by taking a closer look at us trying to figure out how the photo booth works:
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