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Connor Friery

Against the Odds

Last night the San Antonio Spurs played the Houston Rockets in Game 6 of the Western Conference Semifinals, in which the Rockets were favored to win by 9 points.  Just an hour before tip-off the Spurs announced devastating news, their star small-forward Kawhi Leonard would not be playing in the game.  This news practically guaranteed a win for the Rockets.  However, despite playing on the road, and without their best player, the San Antonio Spurs would go on to defeat the Rockets 114-75. 


 What I like about this Spurs win (aside from James Harden losing) is that it reminds me of our SlideBelts team. Being that everyone here is a key player in how we operate, every time someone is gone it can make completing a days objectives difficult.  What I love about us is that even when we’re down a player or two, we are still able to come out on top, even when the cards are against us!


Anyway, I hope you all have an awesome weekend as I will be studying for finals! On the bright side, after next week I will be back full time! Happy Friday!


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