Black Buckle with Leather

86 Reviews ( 4.9 )

  • Recently revamped with a dark Gunmetal frame and looking more stylish than ever, Original Black has always been popular with those wanting an impressively dressy look. Check out how it looks on the different leathers and see why it's one of our best-selling buckles.

    Each SlideBelt comes in a Custom Fit Size, which means we send you a full length leather that you can cut down to your size. Don't worry, there are embossed markings on the back showing where to cut the leather for a specific size. If you cut too much off, we can exchange the leather for you free of charge.

  • All leathers are now sold full-length (55 inches long, 48" Waist). Trim it down to whatever size you like!

    Currently we only sell: 1-3/16" (3cm) wide leather.
    Buckles are: 1-3/8" (3.5cm) x 2-3/4" (7cm)

    Instructions for Custom Trim-to-Fit size option:
  • As always, all SlideBelts have our 45-day Return Policy & 180-day Warranty. We also offer free exchanges, so if a size doesn't fit, no problem!