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SlideBelt Blog Posts

Teaming Up with the Clean Water Coin Initiative

March 24, 2014

Water is the single most important necessity of life. But for almost 1 billion people clean water isn’t readily available. Families are forced to spend as much as 3 hours every day traveling to the nearest swamp, pond or river. In most cases, men, women, and children have one single source of water that is so polluted and contaminated it has become a poison. As a result, more than 4,000 people die every day! Sadly, 90% of deaths that are a result of unsanitary water are children under the age of 5. Clean Water Improves More than Health When a community receives a sustainable, clean source of water, education, income and overall quality of life improves as well as health....

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Those who fight....

January 31, 2014

We wanted to re-post the meaning of our logo for those who might have missed it:   The symbol with the wings or fleur-de-lis (or lotus) has amazing symbolism and is the world's oldest and most ancient symbol. Ancient Egypt applies some amazing spiritual meaning, which I will cover in the future, but Middle Age historians give us a more practical reason for this symbol -- and one of the main reasons it is part of the SlideBelts logo -- the three-pedaled flower is a representation of medieval roles where each petal represents a key role in a powerful & successful kingdom:   Those who work. Those who fight. Those who pray.   The power of the symbol is how it...

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